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Nemera Bottle

Nemera Bottle

The Nemera bottle used for Evolve products is a multi-dose closing tip bottle which avoids the need for preservatives in the drops and prevents bacterial contamination for up to 90 days.
Nemera Bottle image

Key features

  • Pureflow technology: one-way valve so no contaminated liquid can re-enter the container
  • Allows air molecules to flow but prevents any bacteria due to their size
  • Combines the preservative free benefits of a single dose unit with the familiarity of a standard bottle

Key advantages

  • Removes need to add preservatives to the formulation
  • 100% controlled and safe thanks to its one-way valve and patented PureFlow Technology
  • User-friendly and intuitive (preferred by 76% users)
  • Calibrated drops means precise dosing for a better treatment

How to use Evolve preservative-free eye drops